Tony Ray Edwards

Tony Edwards is an Oklahoma City area photographer with evolving styles and interests.  While most of Tony’s publicly available photography primarily focused on the surreal-cacophony of the every day, he has always had an interest in self expression through the abstraction and destructive-exposure processes of image making.  More recently his pursuits in long, multiple exposure and re-photography of advertising, television and film and even his own images have been attempts of more thoughtful, introspective and provocative photography intended as larger, sequenced narrative works on topics of relationships, inward turmoil, desire, memory and loss.

”In simplest terms, much of my work has been partly auto-biographical in that most of it was produced in my every day as a pseudo-diary. However, more recently I find myself interested in photography as a means of transforming, sampling, rearranging and reimagining in order to create a greater allegorical expression.”