Allegro - 1st Edition Book

originally $59.00, sold out

Photographs by Tony Ray Edwards.  

Self Published, Midwest City, Oklahoma, August, 2018.  In English.  76 pp., 66 color illustrations, 8x10".  Hard cover, case bound.  Edition of 25.

In 2016 I moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma only 90 miles southwest to Oklahoma City. In doing so I found a motivation to begin rapidly photographing again. Colors seemed more vibrant and I noticed myself more interested in the overlooked parts of a city, the leftovers and left behinds. This transition of place would lead me to create Allegro, my first long term project since Ahnedonia. For the first time I would use color photography as my primary personal medium. This would also mark a transition of photographic belief: nothing is more or less important or beautiful in photography.