Allegro - portfolio

Self Published, Moore, Oklahoma, February, 2018.  In English.  Nine 6x9" color illustrations on three 10x21" Fujifilex per folio.  Three folios in greater 11x22" portfolio.  When open, each folio is 11x67.5".  Book cloth over book board .  Edition of one.

The photographs of Allegro were developed as a reaction to a new city, a new job and a new process of working with photography.  It had been five years since I had made any serious personal work with a camera when Anhedonia ended and I had been left feeling disappointed with my career in photography after personal pressures and changing economics drove me to give up photography for a time.  Previously I had focused strictly on black and white in my social imagery but change of place left me feeling inspired to move to color and technology had rapidly changed making the iPhone a truly viable option for camera work.  This series is as much an exercise in learning to see again as it is self imposition of limits of only using a camera phone to create something beautiful.  The images of Allegro were created in a visceral manner, without intention, yet full of motivation.  Suddenly photography on the move much easier, more successful and inexpensive.  In addition, my vision of what was important in photography had changed as I began moving away from strictly people-focused imagery; suddenly the monotonous had become just as appealing.

This portfolio is organized by color, each folio being assigned a letter intended to reference Sir Isaac Newton's color wheel that relates frequency of sound and color.  Each folio is intended to be a portable gallery when opened, creating on a small scale what would appear on a gallery wall.