Disunity Vessels

They are curiously dichotomous, bathtubs and showers.  Devoid of humans, they are beautifully simple and yet often the places we go to feel our most complex.  In these spaces we remove our masks to free ourselves of emotional burdens and physical grime, we tell our secrets to the walls and water with hopes they continue down the drain.  Into the water we go when we are our most polluted, yet there we are arguably our most sexy.  I found my own father white and pulseless in the same corner depicted in the last image of this series and yet, in that same space performed chest compressions watching life return to his eyes and the pink return to his skin.  Bathtubs and showers are the most public, private areas of our homes.  They echo the most, but they are the spaces where we least want our words, our emotions, and our animalism revealed.